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Quality Assurance


Exceeding industry standards . . .

Precision Research monitors 15% of all interviews (5% above the industry standard); and Validates 10% of all interviews (again, 5% above industry standards).

Briefings are conducted jointly between Precision Research and our clients, in a private room, on premises and contiguous to the call center where the interviews will be conducted. The briefing is a critical component in the execution of the project. The information included in the briefings ensures that all project management staff are keenly aware of the subtleties associated with each individual project. The sessions are designed to be interactive and inclusive, and include important role playing among Interviewers.

All briefings are audio taped to assure that any/all project information is consistently communicated to additional Interviewers, should the need arise to add more Interviewers to the study after project kick-off. On the day of the briefing all Interviewers assigned to this study will be monitored 100% for performance. Coaching and mentoring regarding the details of the project will occur directly by the Shift Supervisor assigned to the job.

Daily Monitoring

Each day, the Shift Supervisor and the Project Manager review a “monitor report” comparing daily actuals against daily targets across key project performance indicators. The monitor report is customized by Precision Research for each specific study and is evaluated against the “previous day” statistics.

All of the reports used for internal monitoring are shared on a daily basis and include the following indicators:

  • Number of dialing attempts
  • Number of completed interviews
  • Sample performance
  • Length of interview
  • Non-qualifiers (by screener question)